About Us

Holman & Nachtwey Co., Inc. opened its doors and was incorporated in 1973. It is a family owned and operated business. Our primary purpose IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN to supply our clients with the utmost; hands on, quality care that is most humanly possible. We strive at making your experience with our company as one of both great pleasure and joy. In fact, we take customer satisfaction very seriously in our line of work. After all, it is, indeed, our name that is attached to our work. As you drive around the city, there are not too many places you can go without seeing one of our blue and white signs. This is very rewarding to us because it shows that for over 50 years now, we have continuted to perform great work, but more importantly… It shows that we are a family that can be trusted.

Our family greatly appreciates it when our name is passed onto others by our happily, satisfied customers. At the end of the day, RETURNING BUSINESS is VERY IMPORTANT to our family. As a matter of fact, our family FIRMLY BELIEVES that the key to our relationship with our customers is COMMUNICATION. As our company works with you, we always make sure that you are thoroughly informed and kept up-to-date on the project at hand.

Here at Holman & Nachtwey Co., Inc., we PRIDE ourselves on our work, especially when it comes to flat tear-off’s. When we leave your home or job site, it is our goal to not only make sure you are satisfied, but… We; ourselves, want to be PROUD and SATISFIED with our work as well… And the only way we are completely satisfied is if the job comes out PERFECTLY, especially because that is; indeed, what you are paying for and exactly what we deliver!

Our job is to ensure that you receive superior service and get… WHAT YOU PAID FOR, WHICH IS NOTHING SHORT OF PERFECTION. When you hire our company, YOU DO NOT NEED to become an expert in roofing to make sure we are doing our job. THAT IS OUR JOB. Your job is to sit back, relax, and let the EXPERTS do what we do best, and that is… DELIVER THE BEST PROFESSIONAL SERVICE to you as humanly possible.

So… While we work upstairs very hard, we have a job for you… And that is simply to work on your peace of mind knowing you hired GENUINE PROFESSIONALS, who care about and take great pride in the work that they do… We truly are professionals that not only strive for perfection in each job we do, but we also WANT YOUR REFERRALS and RETURNING BUSINESS because that is simply how we survive…

We are a family run business, and EACH AND EVERY SINGLE JOB is treated, big or small, just the same as WE WOULD TREAT OUR OWN HOMES and… We treat our customers in a way in which we, ourselves would want to be treated.

At Holman & Nachtwey Co., Inc., our family is very proud to say that not only are we a State Licensed Roofing Company, but we carry a Masonry License as well.

State of Illinois Roofing License #

City of Chicago Masonry Contractor License #

City of Chicago Home Repair License #

City of Chicago Limited Business License #

Our History

Way back in 1973… (Big) Marvin Holman opened up the doors of Holman & Nachtwey Co., Inc. for business to the fine citizens of Chicago and those of its surrounding suburbs.

A young Michael Holman…  Late nights and long hours…  From our family to yours, whatever it takes to get the job done.

From left to right: (Little) Marvin Holman, (Big) Marvin Holman, Michael Holman…

Three Generations Later and… STILL, PROUDLY GOING STRONG!

From left to right: Marvin Holman, Michael Holman, Jr., and Michael Holman

Three Generations Later and… STILL, PROUDLY GOING STRONG!

Logan Holman (Marvin) and Mason Holman (Michael)

4th Generation in Training!